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Updated August 2016

African Nightcrawlers
Great for Bait Worms- No refrigeration needed!

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All production on our farm is chemical free.

Composted Worm Manure


Dave's 2011 Award

Our farm has been in the family for over 75 years. It was originally a large chicken farm. Mike was born and raised on our very property. Although most of my family roots were farms in Michigan, I was raised in Chicago, but headed south in 1973. In 1991 Mike and I met and began restoring the family farm.

We began with raising rabbits and since have expanded into chickens, cows, pigs, cornish hens, turkeys, sheep and egg production and of course composting and
bait WORMS, as well as CWM 100 - Composted Worm Manure. All of our production on this farm is raised naturally and free from chemicals and hormones.

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Farm Hours 10 am - 5 pm 
 You can call 352.796.0459
Monday- Saturday 10 am- 7 pm
or send us an e-mail at: or -

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Dave's 2011 Award

Mike & Dee Blaha

16362 Wilson Blvd.

Masaryktown, FL 34604-7335