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Composted Worm Manure & Castings

What do you get when you have 10,000 feet of worm beds and a Gazillion worms…………….

Worm Poop!


We call this our CWM 100
It's the greatest Stuff!

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In addition to selling the worms we also offer worm poop. Better known as composted worm manure, worm castings, worm casings – again, depending on where you hail from. Using Organic Worm Castings is a very effective, earth and human friendly natural product for use in potting blends, windowsill plants, seedlings, transplants and green houses.   CWM 100 is an excellent medium for POTTING SOIL and STARTING SEEDS. You have no worries about how much to use; it does NOT get HOT and you can plant right in it! Using CWM 100 can help you grow an amazing garden with all the blessings of nature. Watch your seeds jump in half the time as conventional potting soils.It is a great fertilizer for annuals, perennials, organic vegetables and flower gardens and our Roses and bonsai LOVE IT!  Unlike most fertilizers – more is better! 10 lbs will fertilize about 200’ of garden. Unlike most basic potting soils that have been sterilized removing the nutrients that enhance and stimulate plant growth and improve disease resistance - our all natural, unprocessed, organically composted worm manure has the naturally occuring nitrogen  and all the good stuff still in it! Our CWM 100 can also be mixed with water and used as a fertilizer tea.We harvest and hand pack our own Organic Composted Worm Manure the same day we ship, so it’s always FRESH but there is NO nasty smell!  Pick up at the farm is only $10.00 a bag and local delivery is also available, call for pricing and minimums. 352.796.0459 

6 Foot Tall Tomatoes!

Wonderful for starting seed trays!

Enjoy a wonderful series of books for children that introduces children to backyard composting through the adventures of Pee Wee, the endearing little red wiggler worm, and all the insects in the compost heap.  The adventure begins when four neighbourhood children are magically transported on the back of a butterfly to visit Castle Compost.

Mike & Dee Blaha

16362 Wilson Blvd.

Masaryktown, FL 34604-7335


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